Are you an event organiser?

Arenametrix helps you to understand and engage your audiences, sell more tickets, develop your sponsoring strategies…by giving you the tools to achieve your commercial and relational objectives.

Improve their experience and offer them unique moments.

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Automatic unification of all of your data

  • Unify your data on the Arenametrix platform: ticketing, cashless, e-shop, marketing…in order to have a complete 360 real-time overview of your audiences
  • Analyse and segment: target your audiences according to geographical, demographic and behavioral criteria
  • Personalize the marketing experience : the right message, at the right time, via the right channel (emailing / sms / social media)
  • Dacilitated communication to your partners: sponsors, cultural media, service providers…

Audience acquisition

  • Use your CRM data to develop specific offers
  • Develop your audiences with social media (targeted marketing campaigns, communication to lookalikes of your most loyal clients)
  • Target potential sponsors on linkedin

Measure the impact of your campaigns

  • After every marketing campaign, get personalized reports straight to your mailbox
  • Get help from our dedicated customer success team to analyse your marketing actions and improve the next ones
  • Develop your skills thanks to industry experts who will share best practice insights in order for you to perform better on daily tasks

Customer Success

Témoignage client - Family Piknik
Témoignage client - La Machine

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