Partnerships - Arenametrix captures all your data from ticketing service providers and ticket resellers

  • Automatic unification and daily sales management
  • Database cleansing, homogenisation and structuring
  • Automatic daily updates

Arenametrix integrates with other data sources

Smart Guestbook
Access control
Access control

Marketing solutions directly in the Arenametrix platform

  • Target and activate
  • Send personalized content via strategic channels
  • Measure your campaigns’ effectiveness and calculate your ROI

Build a partnership with Arenametrix!

Become a partner and let’s grow up together!

Your service aggregates customer data and you wish to use it in a smart, safe and automated manner?

Bring more value to thousands of users by integrating with Arenametrix.

Being an Arenametrix partner you can:

  • work with all organizations who use the platform
  • help your clients unify and leverage their data
  • help your clients manage their sales directly et increase their revenue thanks to our CRM