Optimize your prospecting and project management with the new Arenametrix module

Optimize your prospecting and project management with the new Arenametrix module

Whether responding to business opportunities or conducting collaborative projects, cultural and sporting institutions interact with professional structures on a daily basis.
Qualification, first contact, initial meetings, sending out quotes – these are just some of the steps that punctuate the prospecting cycle and the progress of these projects. It’s not easy to keep track of the progress of each project, especially when you’re working on several at once!

Providing a solution to this problem is in line with our mission: to make the best marketing tools available to sports and cultural organizations. Arenametrix therefore unveils several new features to help you manage your professional contacts.

An ergonomic, customizable Structure database

First and foremost, the Structures management page has been redesigned. Available to all Arenametrix users, its clear interface lets you customize the key information to be displayed. In the same vein, the structure sheets have also been upgraded, and are now more detailed and easily adaptable to your needs, thanks to the possibility of creating customized fields.

Capture of the new ergonomics of the Arenametrix Structures page.

A module dedicated to tracking business opportunities and projects

A new module has been added to the Arenametrix tool: BtoB opportunities. This module is designed to make life easier for teams interacting with external structures.

The module is structured around Sales follow-up and Tracking tools. These are indispensable tools for sales teams in particular, to organize the monitoring of their activities. By centralizing information relating to various projects within an intuitive interface, they enable transparent monitoring of the progress of the different projects and opportunities underway, and help moving forward to achieve the objectives set.

Capture of the Arenametrix sales tracking tool

In concrete terms, the Sales follow-up tool allows you to assign an opportunity card to each project and centralize key information within it. You can record information such as objectives, resource requirements, key contacts and much more. An activity feed is associated with each opportunity, enabling you to follow its life cycle (change of manager, transition from one stage to another, creation of notes or setting up of tasks and reminders, etc.). Optimization features, such as the ability to assign tasks or automated reminders based on whether or not a project stage has been completed, greatly facilitate collaboration within your teams and ensure that nothing is forgotten.

If you want to know more about the BtoB opportunities module, do not hesitate to book a meeting !

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