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Fall 2021: how to welcome back the audience and generate sales?

How to welcome back the audience and generate sales ?

Although September 2021 brings its share of uncertainties for the world of entertainment, but it is also a conducive period to innovation and the implementation of projects. Especially in regard to reinventing the relationship with the public. How can you turn uncertainty into opportunity? Let's see together what your marketing priorities should be to foster the return of spectators to your venues.

I. Transparency and flexibility are your friends

While some audiences are impatient to rush to theatres and cinemas, others need reassurance. Make sure you produce clear communications about the Covid measures so that everyone can easily find the information they are looking for. Put in place all the necessary solutions to avoid waiting times on your site (encouraging online sales rather than at the counter, setting up differentiated arrival slots, cashless solutions and online booking of catering products etc.). Do not hesitate to communicate on a dedicated page like the Paris Opera or the National Theater in London.

Most importantly, be transparent about your commercial policy and offer the public guarantees in case of cancellation of your shows. Do not hesitate to offer "flexible" options which will increase the public's confidence and thus the conversion of your prospects into customers. You can market them, as the Paris theatre for example (+2.50 euros per ticket) or make it a differentiating element of your commercial policy as the National Theater.

II. Leverage data and develop a dedicated strategy

The beginning of  September is one of the two periods of the year when ticket purchases are generally the most important. This is, of course, the time to implement classic communication strategies, depending on your objectives and ressources (posters, press, social media, web campaigns...). But it is above all the time to bet on first-party data: the data you collect on your customers and prospects (contact data, purchase history, interests, etc.) and which you can centralise in a platform like Arenametrix.

To do this, put in place data collection strategies to develop your database, get to know your audience better and offer them personalised digital experiences.

Also put in place mechanisms to improve the conversion of people already interested in your shows, such as retargeting or of abandoned shopping carts(see our dedicated article).

III. Enhance the audience experience with marketing automation

Have you convinced new people to buy tickets for your shows? Well done! Now it's time to deliver the best experience they can have and start building loyalty.

Marketing automation is a powerful tool to help you deliver the best experience to your audience. It allows you to automate marketing actions such as sending emails or text messages, it helps you to better engage with your audience.

Thus, you can use it to send a pre-event email, at the time you want (10 days, 5 days, the day before) with practical information (parking, metro, sanitary reminders) or commercial information (highlighting a service such as the cloakroom, the bar or the restaurant). Or to send an SMS the day before to remind people that access to the event will be subject to the presentation of a health pass. You can also automate a number of tasks related to the processing of credit notes and refunds which can be very time-consuming for your ticketing teams.

IV. Focus on evaluation and feedback

Reporting, feedback, ROI are not bad words! In the case of feedback, we advise you to give the audience the opportunity to express their views. For example, you can send them an automatic e-mail with a questionnaire after an event to ask them how their experience was or to encourage them to post a review on your website.

Regarding ROI, this notion is important as the sanitary context places new financial constraints on your activity. ROI is the return on investment of the actions you undertake. Do you know how to evaluate the return on investment of a digital communication campaign? If not, it may be worthwhile to equip yourself with a tool that can make the link between ticketing and digital marketing in order to evaluate the results of your actions.

On the management and reporting side, the implementation of sales reports is interesting to follow the evolution of your sales on a daily basis. Arenametrix's advantage in terms of reporting : the platform allows you to automate sales reports so that you can receive your key indicators whenever you want in your mailbox without having to connect to your ticketing service.

Digitalisation and the spectator experience: the key words of September 2021

Adaptation, again and again, will be the watchword for the end of 2021. In the entertainment world, this adaptation will involve, among other things, accelerating a number of digital processes aimed at offering a unique spectator experience between face-to-face performances and digital relational programmes.

If you have multiple sales channels and work with resellers you may have identified an objective: to find the right balance between own and outsourced sales. Do you want to increase your own sales? Do not hesitate to read our article on this subject.

The Arenametrix teams have lots of ideas for the 2021 fall season, helping you to make the most of your relationship with the public. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss about it.

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