Before, during and after the event: 3 mechanisms to build audience loyalty

Before, during and after the event: 3 mechanisms to build audience loyalty

Spectator journey, visitor journey, fan journey... These are several variations of a single idea: to create a personalized dialogue with the public before and after your events.

If a lot of marketing efforts are put on the moment of the commercialisation, these efforts must not stop once the public has bought its ticket. With the purchase, another stage begins: experience and loyalty. It is then a matter of providing the public with all the necessary information to make their visit to your venue a perfect experience.

3 digital mechanisms are particularly useful in the context of a well thought-out visit.

The post-purchase email

Just because your audience has purchased their ticket doesn't mean you should stop communicating. For some events, your audience will anticipate their purchase, from a few days to several weeks. While waiting for them to come, take advantage of this particular moment during which you have succeeded in being strongly present in the mind of the public who has decided to buy a ticket.

This can be an opportunity to get to know them better, to ask them information that they did not provide at the time of their purchase (for example: a telephone number, date of birth, subscription to the newsletter or thematic communication preferences).

You can even take advantage of the post-purchase email to get to know a particularly important category: first-time spectators. 

Like the Celestins theater, you can automate a post-purchase email to these new audiences with a very short questionnaire to better understand what triggered their purchase. In the automated post-purchase email to first-time spectator, the Célestins ask two questions to evaluate the effectiveness of their communication channels towards this audience ("How did you hear about the show?") and to better understand what triggered the purchase ("What made you want to choose this show?").

The pre-event mail

Access conditions, means of transport nearby, parking, services (checkroom, bar, restaurant, etc.): the amount of information that can be made available to the public to help them prepare their visit is considerable. This information is generally available on your website where the public can consult it. Should we be satisfied with this? A pre-event email will allow you to bring a personalised information to the public while emphasizing the important elements to make their experience more fluid : a parking lot under construction, the implementation of a shuttle or carpooling, the availability of a catering service. Useful and efficient mechanisms (a pre-event email has generally between 80 and 90% of opening rate) for the Château de Versailles Spectacles, the Folies Gruss, the Célestins theater or the Maison de la Poésie.

Post-event mail

And after the event? The setting of a post-show email will depend on your objectives.

As Château de Versailles Spectacle, you can : offer another event in your program that might be of interestfor the spectator. You are free to associate with this email an exceptional price offer.

Like the Folies Gruss, you can set up a awareness questionnaire.
This questionnaire can allow you to better understand the means by which your audience heard about your event and the reasons for their coming: posters, word of mouth, press, newsletters...

Like the Belgian event Julia au cabaret, you can set up a satisfaction survey. This survey can allow you to ask the audience how their experience was. There are some detractors in the audience? This email can allow you to identify them to personalise their experience: call them, reassure them, and propose a stronger experience in a real customer relationship management perspective.

The holiday season is approaching? Before that, you can also put forward a gift offer to propose to the spectator who had a good time at your place to offer the same experience to his relatives.

These examples are just aan overview of what marketing automation allows.
Marketing automation is a privileged tool for audience loyalty, but it is also very interesting from a new audience development perspective.

You want to know more about this tool and start implementing these mechanisms with your audiences?

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