5 emails to automate to strengthen your relationship with your audience

5 emails to automate to strengthen relationship with your audience

We can't tell you enough: one of the keys to building audience loyalty is to establish a personalised dialogue. And personalised dialogue means tailor-made communications. But designing communications for each type of audience and each visitor experience can be time-consuming if you plan to do it manually. That's where marketing automation comes in.

Marketing automation is a functionality integrated into Arenametrix CRM. It consists of setting up the automation of a marketing action (sending an email, an SMS, segmenting your contacts, etc.) according to the expectations of your audience (getting ready to come, discovering your offers, taking advantage of a membership card, etc.).

Particularly interesting for the cultural world, marketing automation is a great tool to strengthen the loyalty of your audiences. Let's take a look at 5 actions you can automate.

The welcome email

It seems obvious, but you have to put it in place. The welcome email is an excellent way tostart a dialogue with your new contacts. This email can be used to provide information about your purpose or your programme to a new contact who does not know you yet. It also allows you to start your dialogue with a relational approach rather than a transactional one (by first introducing yourself before offering your contacts to buy tickets for your events). Remember to distinguish your welcome emails according to whether they are addressed to new newsletter subscribers or to first-time buyers.

The pre-event mail

Sanitary conditions, means of transport in the vicinity, parking, service offers (cloakroom, bar, restaurant, etc.): the amount of information that can be made available to the public to help them prepare their visit is considerable. This information is generally available on your website where the public can consult it. Should we be satisfied with this? A pre-event email will allow you to provide personalised information to your audience while highlighting the important elements that will make their experience more fluid: a car park under construction, the provision of a shuttle bus or carpooling, the availability of catering services. Useful and efficient mechanisms (a pre-event email is generally 80 or 90% open) for the Château de Versailles Spectacles, the Folies Gruss, the Improvidence theatres or the Maison de la Poésie.

Post-event mail

And after the event? The settings for aa post-show email will depend on your objectives. Like the Folies Grussyou can :

  • push another event in your programme that might interest the public. You are free to combine this email with an promotional price offer.
  • in a festive period, put forward a gift offer. The spectator who had a good time at your place can then offer the same experience to his relatives.
  • to set up an awareness questionnaire. This questionnaire can give you a better idea of the ways in which your audience has heard about your event and the reasons for coming: posters, word of mouth, press, newsletters, etc.
  • set up a satisfaction survey. This survey can allow you to ask the audience how their experience was. Are there any detractors in the audience? This email can allow you to identify them and personalise their experience: call them, reassure them, and offer a stronger experience from a true customer relationship management perspective.

The welcome email in a loyalty programme

You offer membership programmes, passes, subscriptions ? The audience for these packages is a particularly loyal audience that you need to pamper. Don't hesitate to program an automatic email following the purchase of one of these loyalty formulas. Like the Maison de la Poésie which offers a membership card for young people and a programme of advantages specially designed for them, set up an email to welcome them to the programme as soon as they sign up. You can also create a series of emails to remind them of their benefits.

The reminder email at the end of membership or gift cards

For annual subscriptions, your audience may forget the expiry date and miss the renewal period. Do not hesitate to send them an email 30 to 15 days before their subscription expires to encourage them to renew. Don't hesitate to offer a discounted rate and to promote what will be exceptional in your programming in the coming months.

What about gift cards? While gift cards have been on the rise over the past two years, analyses show that there is still a proportion of gift card holders who forget to use them before they expire. A trend that can lead to frustration. Remind buyers of unused gift cards about to expire with an automatic email, your audience will be grateful!

These five examples are just a glimpse of what marketing automation can do. A privileged tool for building audience loyalty, marketing automation is also very interesting from the perspective of developing new audiences.

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