Professional sport: The 6 trends in sports marketing for 2022

The 6 sports marketing trends for 2022

Developping revenues, attracting a new audience, creating new products for partners and sponsors. For the past two years, clubs, leagues and sports federations have been confronted with the pandemic that has made their missions more complex and accelerated the transformation of their activities.

If you work in the field of sport, we suggest you find the 6 major trends that will mark 2022 in France and in the world.

A ticketing offer that is increasingly flexible and exclusive

The days when sports clubs sold tickets at the stadium box office on match day are long gone. The digitisation of ticketing is well underway, even in markets that have been reluctant until now. With this digitalisation, the way tickets are sold is evolving: new means of promotion, more elaborate sales calendars, more agile pricing, etc.

But the offer is also evolving. The Stade Français has proposed a "Jean Bouin 360" offer which allows you to discover 4 different atmospheres within the stadium in 4 matches. More and more stadiums and arenas offer or will offer exclusive areas to increase the average ticket, attract a new audience and complete their product range.

Greater consideration of stakeholders

Wether in sponsorship (F1 or football), the organisation of events or the creation of new competitions,the stakeholders of sports organisations are increasingly demanding their expectations to be taken into account.

They also want to see the social and environmental responsibility speach to be implemented into actions, even when it comes to generating new revenue or satisfying the expectations of their players or coaches.

Virtual sport is skyrocketing !

The first lockdown of 2020 caused an explosion of home sports practices. Peloton, Zwift and others emerged at that time and were able to capture these new practices and trends, which remain in place today.

Professional sports organisations have also had to move towards a "non-match" model, which they have to add to their traditional model, in order to reach a wider, more distant audience. This involves a presence on the metaverse or the use of new distribution channels.

But distance does not prevent loyalty.

Women's sport is becoming more and more professional

The development of women's sport will be achieved by moving from subsidies (by a men's club, by communities) to a "real" economy. The performance of the English football championship are particularly remarkable in this respect.

Here too, new models will be tested and evaluated in order to improve the working conditions and pay of sportswomen.

An increasingly blockchain-based sport

Blockchain is a word that has literally overwhelmed professional sport in 2021. The emergence of Sorare and Socios have democratised the possibilities of this new tool. The transfer of Lionel Messi, whose remuneration will be partly in fan tokens, or the fundraising of Sorare have been highlights of this year's sports news.

Blockchain is expected to continue to make inroads into sport, with more concrete applications in financing infrastructure, ticketing, athlete athlete support.

A sport increasingly driven by data

Fans' attention is increasingly fragmented. For each of them, the experience should be unique. To be able to respond to this, clubs, leagues, federations and event organisers need to put in place the tools that will allow them to know their fans and offer them the experience they are looking for.

This data will also allow you to offer more efficient and ROI based sponsoring tools, by reaching fans and their twin profiles corresponding to your partners' targets.

To sum up, the evolution of sports marketing has been accelerating over the last two years and calls for professionals to remain open and to know how to identify and embrace trends before others do.

Alexis Riotteau

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