Fos provence Basketball

Professional Sport: How to quickly boost your teams CRM skills

Accelerate the development of team skills CDP

We are sharing with you our collaboration with FOS Provence Basketball. Playing at at the Parsemain Sports Hall (1,400 seats), the Byers' ambition is to become the flagship club of the Aix / Marseille metropole.

The promotion to Betclic Elite for the 2021/22 season was an opportunity to deepen the CRM skills via specific support to master the Arenametrix tool and carry out the marketing development of the club.

Nicolas Sebire, Head of Ticketing, comments on Arenametrix's support: " I have been in charge of ticketing for a short time and Arenametrix offered me an accelerated training course to master the CDP and the mailing tool. I must say that this training, which combines learning, exchanges and exercises, was very important to activate our ticketing strategy for the 2021/2022 season. »

Fos Provence Basketball
Fos provence Basketball
Created in 1972, FOS Provence Basket is a professional basketball club currently playing in the highest league in France : the Betclic Elite. Playing at the Halle des Sports Parsemain (1,400 seats), the Byers' ambition is to become the flagship club of the Aix / Marseille metropolis.


Campaign sent at the end of the training

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