Marketing actions, easy to set up for your theatre!

Choose the marketing actions adapted to your structure

If it is important to put in place an marketing calendar To give rhythm to your promotional actions, it is essential to flesh out this calendar with marketing strategies, hence this large list of ideas for actions to implement that we deliver below in this article. 

Not all of these ideas will be suitable for everyone, but we guarantee that a number of them will seem relevant to your structure.  

Here is the list, now it's up to you to take advantage of it by choosing the ones that suit you!
  1. Visit the other theatres regularly to see which of their shows sell best and then review the marketing strategy in place.
  2. Most ticketing redirection links are inconvenient and unsightly, create more attractive ones with link shortening services (such as for example) - or better yet, have your .com/tickets domain redirected to your online ticketing service.
  3. Comment on the articles of your local arts journalists, so they will know about your theatre. 
  4. Host / sponsor a theatre festival.
  5. Offer drinks or other treats to your audience on nights when audiences are regularly low.
  6. Offer a discount for the first 100 tickets purchased when one of your shows goes on sale. 
  7. Partner with an organization that accepts donations of food, clothing or toys and organize an evening where donors receive free admission.
  8. Go behind the scenes by filming the rehearsals and sharing them on social media. 
  9. Use actors to promote your shows by asking them to do the voice-over for your promotional video, for example.
  10. Send newsletters to your audience after each performance to collect their opinions and measure customer satisfaction. 
  11. Reactivate your contacts by recommending shows similar to those they are used to seeing thanks to your CDM tools. 
  12. Organize a party where your subscribers or best customers can bring a friend for free. 
  13. Organize a press conference with other theatres and invite journalists and bloggers. 
  14. Imagine the marketing strategy you would have put in place if you had an extra €10,000 at your disposal and then imagine a way to make it a leaner version that fits your budget. 
  15. Work with neighbouring businesses to cross-promote.
  16. Invite bloggers to lunch with the director to discuss the show. 
  17. Partner with another cultural organisation and create a joint offer allowing visitors to buy tickets for both events at a reduced price. 
  18. Thank your regular visitors to create a strong bond with them by offering them privileges for example via digital customer relationship management tools.
  19. Create a series of podcasts and involve your theatre and performance teams. 
  20. Organize side events such as previews.
  21. Create and maintain a blog on a regular basis.
  22. Reach new audiences, similar to your audience, through Facebook.
  23. Create a list of media contacts, journalists, bloggers... that revolve around your market to be contacted at shows or other events.
  24. Put together a press kit, containing illustrations of the show, contact information, publicity photos, quotes, press releases and anything else you think the person covering the show might need.
  25. Record a backstage video tour showing how changes are made to the scenes, costumes or other technical elements of the show.
  26. Choose a hashtag and make sure that the actors, production team and everyone involved uses this hashtag when posting on social media, this will create a dynamic.
  27. Create a book club for plays to engage your audience.
  28. Send an email to your subscribers on their birthday. 
  29. Create a digital watch strategy. 
  30. Send SMS messages to subscribers with immediate and short-term special offers. 
  31. Create Google alerts with the name of your theater to monitor the press.
  32. Discuss marketing strategy with other theatres and exchange best practices.
  33. Create contests to collect email addresses and enrich your database.
  34. Write the ideal review, the one you would like to read in the newspaper the day after a performance and then determine what needs to be done to get that review actually written. 
  35. Create a marketing budget to structure your strategy.
  36. Contact a local company and invite them to buy tickets for their employees or VIP customers at a reduced price.
  37. Segment your contacts according to their consumption habits and interests to ensure the effectiveness of your communication actions. 

Inspired by a article from SoldOutRun

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Would you like to carry out a data & CDM diagnosis of your organisation? Take advantage of 30 minutes of free consulting by reserving your time.

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