Arenametrix and Dice, a reliable connection between CRM and ticketing platform

Arenametrix and Dicean efficient collaboration!

United by the same passion for the musical universe, our teams work together and develop the best marketing solutions (Dice ticketing) and relationship with the public (Arenametrix marketing platform and CRM) for artists, concert halls, festivals, nightclubs, producers and event organizers, etc.

Throughout their customer journey, fans and festival-goers sow data that is gold for the marketing and communication teams!
It is with satisfaction that we can confirm today that the data is ISO between Dice and Arenametrix, that is to say that there is no difference between the data collected and transmitted by Dice and those integrated on Arenametrix.

Arenametrix and Dice advance in a process of co-construction to put at your disposal in a simple and reliable way the most relevant data for your commercial and marketing strategies.

Thus, connecting the Dice ticketing and the CDP Arenametrix platform, allows you to:

  • Market and promote your events (concerts, festivals, etc.)
  • Follow the life cycle of the tickets thanks to the evolution of their status (sold, cancelled, refunded)
  • Centralise your customer data in a single database
  • Segment the different types of audiences according to the specific properties of the contacts in the database (age, gender, last purchase, etc.) or the shows (artists, musical genre, etc.)
  • Send personalised and automated email and SMS communications,
  • Recover consent to communicate effectively (email & SMS) while respecting the GDPR

The icing on the cake is that Dice has developed a quality API to retrieve the data, so the installation is done in a few minutes without any additional intervention on their part.

The alliance between Arenametrix and Dice gives artists and event producers back the sovereignty of their data to be in complete control of their sales and relationship with their audiences. As the Assembly Group (WanderlustSilencio Club) and the  Machine du Moulin Rouge unlock the potential of your data!

Reach new audiences,
Diversify the different profiles within them,
Improve retention and loyalty,
And increase your revenues!

Arenametrix supports players in the music and event industry in their digital transformation by centralizing the data that is sown along the customer journey (ticketing, website, access control systems, cashless, satisfaction measurements, etc.). Easy to use, the marketing and CRM platform provides a precise vision of its audiences to build and activate impactful relational strategies.

Founded in 2014, Dice is a ticketing service that relies on an algorithm to recommend relevant concerts and shows to its app users. Dice guarantees fair pricing and authentic tickets for producers and audiences.

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Would you like to carry out a data & CDP diagnosis of your organisation? Take advantage of 30 minutes of free consulting by reserving your slot.

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