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digital correspondences
Correspondances Digitales : Start-ups and museums, an impossible meeting?
FanStriker Podcast Arenametrix
Fanstriker : Saint Chamond Basket VG digitalizes its fan experience with Elsa Paour and Pierre Gautier
Solene Jimenez
Mgbmag : [Appointment] Arenametrix announces the arrival of Solène Jimenez
digital lounge volleyball league
National Volleyball League: Arenametrix will be present at the 1st NBL Digital Exhibition
GECE mgbmag
Mgbmag : [Agenda] Arenametrix and GECE present the study "Live performance in 2021
Solene culture
[Agenda] Arenametrix and GECE present the study "The performing arts in 2021
Pierre Gautier  ticketing
The Canap': Knowing your fans: the major data-marketing challenge for sports clubs
the springboard
Le Tremplin Workshop: First League on Fan Experience - March 18, 2021
Apolline Locquet Arrive
Mgbmag : [Appointment] Arenametrix strengthens its teams with Apolline Locquet
the arenametrix scene
(La) Scène: What future for the performing arts? - 100 professionals respond
Recrewteer : Arenametrix and the power of data by Ludovic Bordes
Sophia Arenametrix1
Mgbmag : [Appointment] Sophia Baladi appointed Head of Cultural venues and Leisure at Arenametrix
firm theatre
Mgbmag : Arenametrix advises theatres on their data marketing strategy during their closure
Mgbmag: Live streaming of shows: what future after the health crisis?
Grand Calais Pascal
Nordlittoral: Le Grand Calais Pascal, pioneer of 2.0 with Arenametrix
Dotmap : Dotmap and Arenametrix join forces
FanStriker Podcast Arenametrix
Fanstriker: Maintaining a link with fans during the crisis with Pierre Gautier (Arenametrix)


Fanstriker Pierre Gautier
Fanstriker: "Fans will need to be amazed even more" Pierre Gautier (Arenametrix)
red star
Ecofoot: The "Red Star" method for successful digital transformation
Blastingnews: gave the floor to Ludovic Bordes to talk about the challenges facing companies.
The New Republic - Wolf Burners
The New Republic: Knowing your audience is essential for building loyalty and creating a relationship with them.
Profession-Spectacle: Our expert was present at the 6th forum "Entrepreneurship in Culture".
Ecofoot: Which club deploys the most effective social media strategy?
Ecofoot : Focus - How to monetize your social media ?
Pau Fc
Ecofoot: [Interview] Pau Football Club, a professional destiny
Morning Culture Arenametrix
Culturematin: "1 company / 1 startup" at Think Culture 2020
Maddyness: Despite the coronavirus, venture capital keeps its spirits up
Attendance: What are the differences between attendance measurement and ticketing in theatres?
BFM BUSINESS: French technology sector resists the crisis, venture capital benefits
Mgbmag: Creation of the first French platform for monetized multi-angle livestreams
News : The incubator Ad'Occ Sport is waiting for its first laureates
Digital Century
Siècle Digital : The marketing platform dedicated to event producers and Cultural venues
Ecofoot: Commercial growth will come through data sponsoring!


Art Daily
Quotidien de l'Art: Data and content in French museums, between attraction and repulsion
LeFigaro: Stadium crowds, a very French indifference
Communicating: Data: A strategic resource for cultural structures?
Ecofoot: "Data is key in audience analysis".
Fanstriker: Smart Data for the Fan Experience
Ecofoot: Business analytics, a new growth driver for clubs?
The World
Le Monde: Decompartmentalization, data, accessibility: museum trends for 2019


MAMA FESTIVAL & CONVENTION: Data at the service of emotion
Journaldunet: Arenametrix raises €2.5 million for its data marketing platform
FrenchWeb: Arenametrix raises 2.5 million euros to optimize the filling of venues
La Tribune: How startups help fill concert halls
Les Echos Arenametrix
LesEchos CapitalFrance: Arenametrix completes a series A of nearly €2 million
Arenametrix Strategies
La Tribune: How startups help fill concert halls


My Ticketing Management : Tech'4'Team exports to the USA and the UK
Arenametrix lequipe
L'Equipe : In sport as in business, you need a dreamteam


Les Echos: Tech 4 Team, Big Data applied to the show
SportStratégies: 3 start-ups rewarded during the sport stratégies day
SportBuzBusiness : The 1st Big Data tool specially designed for Entertainment