Good marketing practices

Arenametrix best practices

ARENAMETRIX's good practices

The year 2020 will go down in the annals of history, obviously because of the health crisis, which will obviously have plunged us into an exceptional situation, but also because of the responses that sports organisations will have provided. Innovative, digital, original... these ideas have contributed to the reinvention of sports marketing and will certainly find their place in the post-Covid activities of clubs and Federations. An overview of good ideas, we end this series with Arenametrix's top 5 best mailing practices:

Too often forgotten, the transactional mail allows you to send an automatic communication after an action carried out via the Forms module. For example, for any subscription to your Newsletter, a transactional email can confirm it by welcoming the fan to your club's fan family, and by sending a promotional offer encouraging him to buy. Where the Chicago Bears (and many other clubs) are only dealing with the registration email, AS Roma goes further by launching the marketing from the beginning...

The fear of missing something, characterized by the FoMo syndrome, is a strong argument to activate when a deadline or a game is approaching. Sendtric provides you with a free tool to benefit from a countdown to be integrated into your email campaigns. In PJ you will find the example of Narbonne Volley, just a few days before the start of the championship.


Deliverability is an important topic for this end of year. Some rules are to be respected: authentication of your domain name, good segmentation, anti-spam rules to pass ISPs, etc. - It's a daily fight to reach your fans' inboxes. Here are a few words to avoid in the subject line of your emails: 

- An object or title written entirely in CAPITALLETTERS

- An object that is too long (Maximum 70 characters, including spaces)

- A figure too large, like a large sum of money...

- Special characters such as "! », « % », « / », « & », « [ ] », « {} », « ’ », « () », « = », « + », « * », « # », « … »

- Monetary characters such as "€", "£", "$" (prefer to spell out "euros")

- Multiple spaces between each word and/or letter

- Words with connotations of games or gain (free, gift, win, etc.)

- The terms in English (Deal, win, game...)


There are two types of competitions. Those that serve to animate a community, the performance indicator will then be delivered by the reach of the game and the number of fans who like the page; the other serves to capture fans on social media to bring them back to your CDM. With opt-ins placed on the form, this is an excellent way to repatriate these audiences to your proprietary database. But you can go even further... find out more in our digital journey dedicated to competitions.

The acquisition of new prospects/customers is key to your development. This includes the implementation of paid campaigns on Facebook and Google. In order to adopt best practices in this area, we have put in place tailor-made and operational training to get your teams up to speed. And it's paying off! 

This year, even more than the previous ones, will have taught us one thing: the clubs that will be successful in 2021 are those that have understood that data and digital will have a decisive place in the marketing and retention of their communities. Beautiful marketing campaigns have been carried out. As a bonus a method to save time and develop FAN ATTITUDE: marketing automation. I can't wait for 2021! 

Ludovic Bordes

Would you like to carry out a data & CDM diagnosis of your organisation? Take advantage of 30 minutes of free consulting by reserving your time.

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Good marketing practices

Arenametrix best practices

The year 2020 will have pushed sports organisations to reinvent themselves, giving rise to innovative ideas. Overview of the 5 Arenametrix best practices.

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