Best practices in sports business: TOP 5 marketing

Best practices in sports business: TOP 5 marketing

The year 2020 will go down in the annals of history, obviously because of the health crisis, which will obviously have plunged us into an exceptional situation, but also because of the responses that sports organisations will have provided. Innovative, digital, original... these ideas have contributed to the reinvention of sports marketing and will certainly find their place in the post-Covid activities of clubs and Federations. We continue this series of good ideas with the top 5 best marketing practices observed in the year 2020:

Theanniversary is a milestone of a year, which should be celebrated, especially to your most loyal fans, as a sign of recognition. This email, highly monetizable in Data Sponsoring, is only possible if the date of birth is collected. To do so, there are many tricks. Integrate the field on all your transactional forms - even if it is not mandatory -, relational forms (e.g. Newsletter registration) and competitions or market smart harvests. On this last point, theRaptors initiative is interesting. On all home games, a video including the fans' birthday is shown on the club's giant screens. They invite fans to leave the contact details of the person celebrating the birthday, as well as his or her age (which should be transformed into a date of birth in the database).

Last February, the Montreal Impact unveiled its marketing campaign for the 2020 season, entitled " The Montreal Impact ". The club hopes to strengthen its identity in the Montreal and Quebec community, while creating a movement that will rally the entire city and province behind the team. An essential first step before embarking your fans in a new season.

The jersey launch is often an opportunity toassert (or reaffirm) one's identity, the condition being, of course, that this work has been done beforehand with the fan communities. Last year, it was RC Lens who anchored its outdoor wear in the club's DNA with the words of the Corons directly inscribed on the jersey. This year, Southampton FC, for its 135th anniversary, is reviving the "scarf" strip in reference to their first jersey of 1885. The last time they did so was in the 2010/11 season, for their 125th birthday.

Right in the middle of COVID, Liverpool Football Club launched LFC Connect, a way to reduce the isolation of fan communities. Through several points of contact (phone calls, postcards, etc.), the operation consisted of playing a role for the well-being of the community. Some fans were even surprised to talk to the club's coach.... An activation that is (unfortunately) still in use today...

Deprived of spectators in its stadium like all Belgian and European clubs, KAA Gent decided to mobilise its fans to recreate the pre-match songs and broadcast them in their stadium when the players enter. The process may seem a bit artisanal but the initiative is worth emphasizing because it shows that it is possible to maintain the commitment of the fans and their links with the team without necessarily resorting to technological innovations ... To be seen but I would not be surprised if in a few weeks time, an application will be launched to realize what the club is doing, there, "by hand".

This year, even more than the previous ones, will have taught us one thing: the clubs that will be successful in 2021 are those that have understood that data and digital will have a decisive place in the marketing and retention of their communities. Beautiful marketing campaigns have been carried out. As a bonus a method to save time and develop FAN ATTITUDE: marketing automation. I can't wait for 2021! 

Alexis Riotteau

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