Best practices in sports business: TOP 5 sponsorship

Best practices in sports business: TOP 5 sponsorship

The year 2020 will go down in the annals of history, obviously because of the health crisis, which will obviously have plunged us into an exceptional situation, but also because of the responses that sports organisations will have provided. Innovative, digital, original... these ideas have contributed to the reinvention of sports marketing and will certainly find their place in the post-Covid activities of clubs and Federations. In a review of good ideas, we start this series with the top 5 best sponsorship practices observed during the year 2020:

The Covid crisis brought social distancing into the stadiums. We are now seeing new marketing rights appearing in stadiums (particularly in England) that allow certain seats in the stadium to be covered with thevisual identity of an advertiser. For the first time in its history, the NFL has opened up this right to marketing... a revolution in the United States.

VIP offers also suffer from Covid: which gauge? Under what conditions? 

To address this lack of visibility, Formula 1 and Zoom have signed a partnership to create an exclusive digital experience as close to the paddock as possible, with a Live and commentary from former F1 legends. This experience, initially reserved for VIPs, brings a new model of VIP entertainment, which can also be transposed to the general public.

In order to thank its partners for their loyalty in these difficult times, the Grand Nancy Handball delivers meal baskets at home to follow their team's game. A business that has been praised by the partners and has also been conducted in many other clubs. There is no doubt that this idea has a life after Covid, especially on away games or with subscribers. 

In their marketing strategy, advertisers are today looking for meaning in communities to take a more important place in their daily lives. In order to get young people to talk about their cause, has therefore designed an educational programme aimed at schools, in which they involve their Initiatives Coeur boat competing in this year's Vendée Globe in monohull racing. The association Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque (Patronage for Heart Surgery) is also involved in this initiative. The Olympique de Marseille also launched an educational project last year, with his extracurricular notebook. There is no doubt that advertisers can intelligently intervene (or have their Foundation intervene) in this framework.

In October 2019, Burger King became a jersey sponsor of FC Stevenage, a small English D4 football club (for the modest sum of £50K). Why is this interesting? Because they then used this sponsorship partnership on the FIFA video to create a challenge #StevenageChallenge which invited video game players to use the club and take it to the highest level. The spin-offs have been very important (use of the team on FIFA, content generation, digital virality). A case study that proves your potential to monetise your digital communities.

At Arenametrix, we had a conviction this year. The future of sponsoring will pass through the monetization of digital. We have worked this year to build the media and direct marketing ecosystem of our clients; this will take on its full meaning next year, when we monetize it with advertisers. 

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