Best practices in sports business: TOP 5 ticketing

Best practices in sports business: TOP 5 ticketing

The year 2020 will go down in the annals of history, obviously because of the health crisis, which will obviously have plunged us into an exceptional situation, but also because of the responses that sports organisations will have provided. Innovative, digital, original... these ideas have contributed to the reinvention of sports marketing and will certainly find their place in the post-Covid activities of clubs and Federations. In an overview of good ideas, we continue this series with the top 5 best ticketing practices observed in the year 2020:

Before it was definitively banned, the reception of the public was a central issue in the world of sports events to guarantee fans the best possible sanitary conditions. In the United States, the Staples Center was the first to obtainGBAC STAR accreditation, thus ensuring the quality and maintenance of the hall's hygiene and health procedures. A communication on these actions had been put in place to reassure the public and make it easier for them to return to the stadium.

The players are certainly your main assets for your subscription campaign (mercato ad, captain's message, training photos, etc.); but there is another element you can use: your mascot. There are many examples of good use of the mascot, whether it be to prepare the room, the pitch or to announce health barrier gestures. We recently saw BenGi, the Girondins de Bordeaux's mascot, appear in a clip from the club.

In order to adapt to the current health situation and to keep a close link with its subscribers, the MHR has distinguished itself with the idea of the Drive-IN. Guests drawn at random could watch the game from their cars on a giant screen near the stadium. This is a much appreciated and interesting initiative for the post-confinement period (limited gauges, sold out ticket offices, away matches, etc.).

In the derby against the Chicago Cubs, the Brewers had an exclusive online sale to Wisconsin residents. The associated media plan enabled them to generate both a strong regional identity and commercial pressure on their fans. A great case study to activate on your derbies. 

Some 15 NFL franchises have already opted for this practice, notably in the context of the construction of a new stadium. Personal Seat Licences guarantee fansexclusive rights to purchase tickets for the seat concerned at future sporting events. Sometimes controversial, this practice authorises the resale of tickets on a second market and even offers the fan the possibility of reselling his PSL, which can thus be compared to a share on the stock market. $400 million was raised by the Raiders this year, with a view to financing their new stadium.

At Arenametrix, this year has taught us one thing: the clubs that will be successful in 2021 are those that have understood that data and digital will have a decisive role in the marketing and retention of their communities. On the ticketing front, some great campaigns have been carried out. As a bonus, here are the 4 strategies that work for a successful ticketing campaign. I can't wait for 2021! 

Olivier Spaeth

Olivier Spaeth

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