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Boost your ticket sales with early bird fares.

Boost your ticket sales with early bird fares.

Arenametrix offers event organisers the opportunity to optimise their attendance and improve the experience of their audiences. To do this, many marketing strategies are possible. One of them is to vary prices according to the buying behaviour of the audience. Read more....

The practice of "tariffsearly bird"(prices vary depending on the time of purchase) is not new. Airlines have been doing it for a very long time. In the event industry, the pop music festival "T in the Park" in Scotland was the first to offer discounted tickets. Today, offering a discount to people who buy tickets in advance is common. Why is this? Because it has been proven that "early bird" pricing is a good idea.early bird"The reason for this is simple: psychology.


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Before analysing the psychology of consumers and their perception of price, let's be aware of the impact of early bird ticket sales on increasing your cash flow. Indeed, AttendStar president Gary Bradshaw explains that early bird sales can represent up to 80% of your sales! That's €20 per ticket, for 20,000 people. That's €320,000 in cash that you can collect before the event. Think about how you could use that money!

To clarify, Gary describes the top five reasons why people take risks by offering the same price for buying tickets in advance and buying tickets on the day.

1 - Non-targeted marketing investments

Reduced prices for tickets purchased in advance lead to a rapid increase in ticket sales. Yes, you give up some of your ticketing revenue later, but you get so much more out of early ticket sales (as long as the discount is reasonable).

The main asset of the sales "early bird" ? To enable you to better evaluate your advertising and marketing efforts!  If you don't do this, you run the risk of spending too much or too little, and both can set your event up for failure. The new tool that Google offers for live events is to modify ticketing and reduce these risks.

2 - Cancellations

What happens if the artists of the event cancel at the last minute? Without early ticket sales, the event would probably not take place! Let's say an artist gets sick or an unfortunate event forces a whole team to cancel a performance (which sometimes happens), if you haven't sold tickets in advance, your event will be a total failure.

3 - A low participation rate

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Many last-minute excuses can justify a low turnout. Very often, bad weather is one of them. If bad weather is expected the day before or on the day of the event, a drop in attendance is certainly to be expected as well. All the more so if the event takes place outside. Sometimes ticket sales stop completely. Selling tickets in advance is therefore the remedy for these uncertainties.

4 - No communication with participants

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When you sell tickets in advance, you can easily obtain information about your participants (contact details, email, phone number, etc). This gives you the opportunity to communicate with your audiences before, during and after the event. You can easily warn participants of possible bad weather affecting the start time, or of any last-minute changes. This targeted and personalized communication allows you to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with your participants. More inclined to speak positively about you and your event, you launch a positive word-of-mouth marketing that can't be bought!

5 - Less effective sponsorship

The sale ofearly bird"gives you more money and credibility for sponsoring. Let's face it. The more you can give to sponsors, the more they will invest in sponsoring your event.

If you sell tickets in advance and collect the contact details of the participants, you can then send weekly emails about the event mentioning systematically your sponsors (they will then be seen several times by the participants).

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