Paris Zoological Park

Recreation: Centralize all data sources from several zoos with a CDP

Centralize all data sources of several zoos through a CDP

Here we offer you our collaboration with The National Museum of Natural History. This unique structure manages 13 sites in France: Cultural venues (Musée de l'Homme, Grande Galerie de l'évolution...) but also 4 zoos: the Paris Zoological Parkthe Jardin des Plantes Menageriethe Haute-Touche Zoological Reserve and the Marinarium of Concarneau. The MnHN wanted to equip its sites with a common tool that would allow them to centralise their ticketing data (Vivaticket, Digitick, Gantner), donations and sponsorships (iRaiser) and any other useful source for its teams. Thanks to Arenametrix, the parks can rationalise their investments, compare their marketing actions and develop a common intelligence around the knowledge of their audiences, which are a priori similar.

Florence Midy, chargée de marketing et du développement du Muséum national d’Histoire Naturelle présente un bilan de notre collaboration : << Grâce à Arenametrix, nous avons pu centraliser, et utiliser des données sur nos visiteurs provenant d’une grande variété de sources >>.

Discover now the work done around the centralization of the parks data of the National Museum of Natural History

Paris Zoological Park

The Parc Zoologique de ParisThe Menagerie du Jardin des
Plantesand Haute-Touche Zoological Reserve and the Marinarium of Concarneau all belong to the National Museum of Natural History (MnHN).

These zoos and the aquarium all have as their mission the conservation of species, the dissemination of knowledge about animal species, raising awareness of animal conservation and scientific research.


The number of sources whose data is retrieved daily and centralised within Arenametrix.

Sophia Baladi

Sophia Baladi

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