New season, your checklist for an effective fan engagement strategy

New season, new checklist for an effective fan engagement strategy

Here it is, after several weeks of break, pre-season and friendly matches, business starts again with the beginning of the championships. The Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 have already resumed, it is now the turn for the Top 14 and the Pro D2, the Betclic Elite, the LiquiMoly Starligue, the LNA of Volleyball, etc.

The good students have, this summer, implemented many actions to continue their approach of data collection and fan engagement. With the restart of sport season, we are back to a more usual activity, already prepared for several years.

It's time to check the tools! So are they still functional for the upcoming 2022/2023 season?

Newsletter registration forms

On your website, you have placed several forms inviting visitors to subscribe to the newsletter: in the footer, at the end of the article or in a pop-up. Take a quick look at your site to make sure they are still in place. We also invite you to test them by signing up and verify that the data collected is indeed going up in your CRM. You will also be able to follow the setps you may have imagined for new newsletter subscribers, with the welcome message that may be sent to them.

Data collection from different sources

If everything goes well, the change of season should not cause any "bugs" in the data transmission (automatic with Arenametrix) from the different connected sources such as online ticketing, the online store, the mobile application, etc. Nevertheless, it can happen that passwords are changed for security reasons, for example. To be monitored.

Analysis of your database and fan segmentation

A season has passed, so have you used the break to analyse your database? Have you identified which fans are still loyal and which ones did not come back post Covid period? This analysis will allow you to personalise your messages and address segmentation campaigns to boost your turnover.

Audience Overview

Your fans' journey

Whether through your ticketing tool or through marketingautomationyou send communications to your customers after they have purchased a subscription or a dry seat. It is essential to check the emails that are sent: does the text still correspond to what you want to address? Has the club changed its logo and/or graphics? Are the sponsors displayed still the right ones? Are the players in your "birthday email" or "post-game thank you" still at the club?

Arenametrix and its support staff wish you a new season full of sporting and commercial success. Don't wait to take charge of your data usage.

Alexis Riotteau

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