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Sports clubs: Increase their number of subscribers in the off-season

INCREASE ITS NUMBER of subscribers in the off-season

Are you in charge of audience development, or marketing manager for a sports club? Knowing, monitoring and increasing your subscriber base should be a priority.

The problems caused by a small number of subscribers are significant. Among other things, the low visibility on your potential turnover for the coming season makes it more difficult to build strong and long-lasting partnerships, and some loyal fans do not receive the offer they deserve.

The FOS Provence Basket was experiencing this situation in 2018. To manage his contacts, Renaud Charles, head of communication, was working on a large database, spread over several Excel files. " Who is my audience? " Who are the most loyal people? These questions had no concrete answers until he met Arenametrix and used its solution CDP

" Arenametrix allows me to have all my communication tools centralized at hand " says Renaud, whose testimony can be found here.


fos provence basketball user testimonial

The FOS Provence Basketball is a French basketball club whose men's section plays in Pro A- Jeep Elite. The club is based in the city of Fos-sur-Mer and has the ambition to be the number 1 club in the Aix-Marseille metropolis. 

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The evolution of the number of subscribers during the 2018 inter-season

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