Genae Fitness Club

Fitness Clubs: Ultra-segmentation, the clickers that do not finalise their purchase

Ultra-segmentation, the clickers that do not finalise their purchase

For fitness club managers, there are many issues that can greatly limit the knowledge of members. The data they leave behind is scattered across several data sources? They are often poorly qualified? In the end, only a small portion of members and prospects can be reached by your communications; and creating a highly personalized relationship with your audiences is a daily challenge. To help you in your digital communication strategy you can rely on the expertise of Arenametrix teams.

Here we offer you our cooperation with GENAE Fitness Club. Their client data were scattered across several sources. Manual exports had to be done frequently. No KPIs and or automatic feedback on campaign performances were available, which prevented strategic decisions for club communication. GENAE ambition was to initiate a data collection and management strategy that would allow them to optimize their communications and create a highly personalized link with their members. This is what they initiated with Arenametrix.

For Anthony Barquisseau, its CEOptimist: " Arenametrix allows us to communicate the right message to the right people. In the coming months, we would like to measure precisely the Life Time Value of each guest. [Access the certified testimonial]

Discover now the work done around the communication strategy of Genae Fitness Club:

Genae Fitness Club
Genae Fitness Cluba gym like no other. The team believes that the differentiation in this area will be for and by the Men and Women of their teams. Trained in the Learn&Fit training school, they are passionate, therefore exciting. Genae, they are varied activities with more than 200 hours of classes / week in each of the clubs in Lyon and Aix-en Provence. 


The opening rate on the campaign to relaunch the club's new offer.

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