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Concert hall: 4 tools in 1 to manage your data

managing your data has never been easier

Ticketing software, Excel files, emailing and smssending tools : the multiplicity of tools makes you lose time in your marketing actions and you want to remedy this?


If so, you're on the right article. 

Indeed, if:
- your data are not centralized on one and the same tool
- your database is not enriched, cleaned and updated automatically every day
- your different tools are not interconnected and require to systematically make Excels imports/exports
- your contacts' data are not cross-referenced and some information is lost...


"Thanks to these 4 tools combined into one, I now have a 360° view of my audiences". shares Simon NICOLAS, communications officer at La Rodia. L’tool CDM Arenametrix has enabled it to better manage its audience data, to better understand its audiences and thus to improve its communication with them. As a result, the opening rate of emailing campaigns has increased! Discover his testimony below!  

la rodia blog

La Rodia is a concert hall dedicated to contemporary music located in Besançon. Open to international, national and local artists and groups, La Rodia offers an eclectic, demanding and creative programming. The two highlights of the season are the Festival Détonation and the Festival Génériq.

"I'm earning half a day a week, while increasing my email campaign open rates by 20%."

Would you like to carry out a data & CDM diagnosis of your organisation? Take advantage of 30 minutes of free consulting by reserving your time.

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