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Venues: Create a strong relationship with your audiences before, during and after your event.

Create a strong relationship with its audiences before, during and after the event

Creating a strong relationship with your audiences promotes engagement and is one of your concerns as a communications manager. One of the keys to this is creating highly personalized communication with your audiences before, during, and after they attend your performances.

The two steps to set it up are the creation of a central, clean, and exploitable database and the implementation of communication actions that are part of a loyalty-building approach. This is only possible by adopting good practices within your theatre, such as systematically collecting audience data, keeping track of all the shows attended by a subscriber, or setting up personalised e-mail sending systems. All of this takes time and resources.

This is why Lilian Madelon, Head of Communication & Corporate Sponsorship at the Rennes Opera House has chosen to contact Arenametrix. "Inorder to improve interaction with our audiences, we decided to send a targeted email before each show . "he informs. Internally, they are currently actively working on the creation of their first competition games.

To find out more, please read Lilian's feedback on his collaboration with Arenametrix.

reindeer opera user testimonial

Situated on the town hall square, theRennes Opera House was inaugurated on February 29, 1836. Italian-style theatre, it is the work of the architect Charles Millardet. Its programme combines artistic demands and accessibility to the greatest number of people, with around 70 evenings each season, open to four centuries of repertoire: opera, concerts, dance, musicals....

The opening rate of emails related to practical information

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