Arenametrix offers you a turnkey CRM platform to develop your audiences and promote your one-off events. Amusement parks and zoos: send the right message to the right person, at the right time, on the right communication channel!

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Discover the characteristics of your audiences

Thanks to the CRM platform Arenametrix, analyze the typology of your audiences and their geographical origin. Then, you can estimate in real time the geographic scope of your promotion. Automating these analyzes enables you to focus your time on decision making.

Manage your sales and attendance 

Available on the Internet without any installation on local servers, the Arenametrix CRM solution greatly reduces your data management and reporting. It is automated and sent each morning in your mailbox based on the previous day’s results.

Expand your audiences with data

Connections between Arenametrix and social networks make the digital acquisition of new audiences (younger, families, tourists …) much faster and more precise.

Expand your revenue generated on the spot

Arenametrix automatically collects all the ticketing, refreshments and shop transactions and your visitors benefit from targeted offers corresponding to their way of consuming.

They trust us


Become a data expert thanks to Arenametrix!

CRM trainings, advice on the use of data, good marketing practices, exhibitions, events, … A rich cocktail to enjoy each month in your mailbox!

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