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CRM - top5 benefits for a sports club


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become essential in the development of a professional sports club. Here are 5 decisive uses!

Passionate about their favourite team, sports fans are more emotionally engaged than the average consumer. For clubs, this passion is an extraordinary connection to exploit. But beware: it also generates expectations that are sometimes difficult to meet. This is where CRM solutions come in to help clubs create a unique relationship with their fans.

Top 5 benefits of CRM for a sports club

crm benefits
  1. Building a qualified database

    Many professional clubs (Stade Français, RC Lens or Nanterre 92) use the Arenametrix CRM to build and feed data to their fans' profiles: tickets purchased, matchday consumption, socio-demographic information, behavioral data...

  2. Automatically send marketing campaigns to target groups

    Renaud Charles is communication manager at FOS Provence Basket and uses Arenametrix CRM : "Thanks to segmentation, the opening rate of targeted emails has reached 50%! ». With the right targeting, fans can be provided with all the information they need before, during and after the match. To save valuable time, Arenametrix' marketing automation allows these communications to be automated.

  3. Sell more tickets

    With a 360-degree view of each fan, we can determine which ones are most likely to come to each meeting. We refine their profiles according to their tastes, time habits, geographical proximity, etc. The personalization of offers and marketing approaches is also an undeniable lever to get sales off the ground. Antoine Momper, from Sélestat Alsace Handball, assures that "the emailing campaigns to promote a championship match, carried out with Arenametrix, enabled me to double web sales".

  4. Attracting sponsors with campaigns that are finally being costed

    Just like the fans, sponsors are constantly raising their demands. The mere visibility of a brand is no longer enough. Sponsors want to engage with the fans, with a view to ROI. What's the solution? Again and again, the CRM that allows the emergence of targeted and sponsored marketing programs. It offers the possibility to communicate quantified returns to advertisers. For more information on data sponsoring, contact us.

  5. Fostering fan loyalty

    Aggregated data analysis in a CRM allows you to define effective and ROI-based strategies to build fan loyalty. "The number of club subscribers has increased by 45% since I've been using Arenametrix".says Gabrielle Pinho, head of communication atIvry Handball. By having the knowledge of what the fans want and how they behave, the users of a CRM start with a head start.

Pierre Gautier Arenametrix

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