Arenametrix offers you a turnkey CRM & marketing platform to develop your audiences and promote your heritage and your exhibitions: send the right message to the right person, at the right time, on the right communication channel.

"Using Arenametrix saves us precious time every day, especially on sales analysis tasks that are now simpler and more relevant."
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Reach new audiences

With Arenametrix, obtain real-time analyzes of your types of audiences and their visiting behavior. Reaching new audiences (young people in the catchment area, tourists… ) is no longer a wishful goal but an operational reality.

All your contacts data in one place

When you invite all your contacts to an inauguration or to launch a crowdfunding campaign, you do not have to spend days and days looking for Excel files of contacts in each team. The Arenametrix CRM centralizes all this information.

Analyze your sales and smooth out your attendance

Automatic reports about attendance are sent everyday from Arenametrix to your mail box. No more Excel files, analyze your reports and save time!
Then, our experts recommend commercial offers to reduce wait times at certain time slots to improve the visitor experience.

Promote your temporary exhibitions

How to communicate at 2 months from the opening of a new temporary exhibition? Through the study of behavioral and socio-demographic data, you target the most interested audiences that could launch the phenomenon of word of mouth.

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