Arenametrix is ​​the marketing platform for collecting and centralizing data from the public. The CRM solution connects to your data sources and gives you the opportunity to get to know your audience better. Build loyalty and conquer new audiences: when commitment is the goal, the optimization of your ROI is the result!

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Take back your data

Optimize the share of your direct sales through your white label ticketing in a logic of cost reduction and data collection. We support you in the enrichment and qualification of your contacts through our high-performance CRM

Increase the impact of your campaigns

Develop the knowledge of your audiences to promote their engagement and thus, optimize the ROI of your communication campaigns.

Manage your sales

Automatic sales score, personalized sales reports, measurement of the evolution of sales via the different channels (distributor / white label), measurement of sales optimization via your white label ticketing: Arenametrix will be your best ally.

Focus on acquiring new audiences

Connections between Arenametrix and social networks make the digital acquisition of new audiences (younger, families …) much faster and more accurate, thanks to statistical twin algorithms.

They trust us


Become a data expert thanks to Arenametrix!

CRM trainings, advice on the use of data, good marketing practices, exhibitions, events, … A rich cocktail to enjoy each month in your mailbox!

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