Arenametrix for ski resorts

Reach the summits with data!

With Arenametrix, you will be able to:

  • Know  your skiers to better engage them
  • Extend the length of their visit to your site
  • Improve their experience
  • Building audience loyalty
  • Sell more tickets!
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Centralize your data

Data is the main resource for your future development. It enables your ski resort to create value.

At Arenametrix, we make sure that your data can be used on a single interface by connecting to all your tools: ticketing, access control, social media, website, wi-fi terminals, shop, catering...


This way, your data is unified and homogenised to enable you to act with maximum relevance and efficiency. To find out more, visit CDP Arenametrix.

Enhance your attendance

Automatic attendance reports are sent to you daily by Arenametrix. No more Excel files, analyse your reports and save time! Our experts will then recommend commercial offers taking into account the evolution of the attendance, the evolution of the weather, in comparison with the previous seasons.

To promote a temporary offer, you can target the audiences most likely to be interested in launching your event: the Arenametrix tool automatically studies behavioural and socio-demographic data of your skiers.

use your ski-data

Reach new audiences

Leverage your best skier and tourist profiles to acquire new audiences. By combining the power of Arenametrix and social media, you can reach people similar to your fans with exceptional targeting quality and accuracy. What can it do for you?
  • Acquire new buyers and develop your turnover
  • Capture and engage your visitors on the social media
  • Promote your games and animations to a target audience

Our difference

Tool integrations

Market expertise

Coaching and training

Go for it!

Arenametrix is the CDP number 1 for entertainment structures.

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