You are a professional sports club, a governing body or a sports event organiser…

Arenametrix’s platform is an all-in-one marketing platform to consolidate a unique database and create marketing actions adapted to your specific fans. Our CRM solution connects to all your data sources and helps you engage your fans better and consequently create loyalty, develop acquisition strategies and sell more tickets down the line.

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Create a personalized relationship with your fans

  • Unify automatically your data on one platform: ticketing, marketing, merchandising, cashless, access control…
  • Audience analysis and targeting: geomarketing, behavioral and demographic analyses
  • Personalized marketing experience : the right message, at the right time, via the right channel (emailing / sms / social media)

Audience Acquisition

  • Use your CRM data to ameliorate your customer journey
  • Develop your fanbase on social media (targeting, retargeting, lookalike campaigns)
  • Target potential partners on Linkedin.

Optimise your sales

  • One-click chart analysis of your sales (ticketing, merchandising, matchday revenues)
  • Automatic sales reports straight to your mailbox with criteria you define
  • Forecasting tool: adapt your pricing strategy and optimise your filling rate


  • Business intelligence : using your data to better sell to advertisers
  • Precise marketing targets to grow the ROI of your sponsors’ campaigns
  • Communicate more effectively with to your partners, press, promoters…

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