CRM dedicated to your tourist destination

Know your visitors and engage them, sell more pass, extend their visit to your destination! Arenametrix accompanies destinations in achieving their business and relationship goals through these many features: contact management, CRM , marketing actions… As local authorities or tourist offices, improve the experience of tourists and offer them unique moments!

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Discover the characteristics of the tourists of your destination

  • Analysis of the typology and geographical origin of visitors according to the format of their stay, their booking channel …


  • Evaluation of the geographical scope of your communication campaigns

Manage your sales and attendance

  • Automatic sales score and personalized automatic sales reports sent by email
  • Plot of the evolution of the attendance, crossing with the weather and the school holidays and comparison with the previous seasons

Expand your audiences with data

  • Connect with Facebook and Instagram networks
  • Acquisition of new tourists by communication with twin profiles of your target visitors (young people in the catchment area, buyers of the last moment …)

Expand your revenue generated on the spot

  • Aggregation of all your income lines (visit pass, shop, restaurant …)
  • Analysis of on-site buying behavior and increase of revenue generated


Become a data expert thanks to Arenametrix!

CRM trainings, advice on the use of data, good marketing practices, exhibitions, events, … A rich cocktail to enjoy each month in your mailbox!

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