Develop fan base

Professional Sport: Growing your database from 0 to 40,000 fans in 2 years

Grow your database from 0 to 40,000 fans in 2 years

Here we present our collaboration with Paris Basketball. Created in 2018, the club has very quickly invested in technological tools to offer an enriched digital experience to its fans and collect their data at the same time. With no history, they developed their strategy CDM starting with the ticketing connection(Digitick) and CDM (Arenametrix). The challenge: to develop a sufficiently large and qualitative database to support their growth until they enter Arena 2 in 2023 (8,000 seats).

Violaine Morand, Head of Ticketing and CRM, presents her feedback on the collaboration with Arenametrix: "We took advantage of this year between brackets to develop our database and keep in touch with it by regularly proposing new and innovative content. Our next steps with Arenametrix? The implementation of marketing automation to improve our customer relations and develop our turnover. [Access the certified testimonial]

Find out more about the work done around the development of Paris Basketball's proprietary fan base.

Develop fan base

Founded in 2018, the Paris Basketball is a professional basketball club currently playing in Pro B. The club is based at the Halle Georges-Carpentier (2,500 seats) and is preparing to move to the new Arena 2 in 2023 (8,000 seats).


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Pierre Gautier

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