Digital technology for the performing arts | Digital Zoom - Podcast #6

Digital technology for the performing arts | Digital Zoom - Podcast #6

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For this episode, we switch to the world of theatre: in the summer of 2019, Zoom Digital will be visiting the Avignon Festival to discuss the performing arts and its audiences.

Clémence Mayolle from Pack and Kévin Vitoz from Arenametrix talk about digital technology at the service of culture!

You can listen to the podcast of this discussion on Spotify, Deezer, Apple and Google Podcast, which is summarised below.

00'40 - Presentation by Clémence Mayolle, co-founder of Pack, an innovative consulting firm in digital strategies. « Out of passion, we work in the cultural sector. » As well as Kévin Vitoz, founder of Arenametrix - a platform for the use of data for performing arts structures: "Our goal: to make it easier for theatres, museums & festivals to use audience data. »

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01'30 - Kévin Vitoz : We come to bring to the market a very simple and very effective solution, which has proven itself for many performing arts structures of all sizes. With a concern for ease, because we know that the operational teams are small and overwhelmed. We come to break down all barriers so that marketing and communication becomes an easy task for the actors of the performing arts. Marketing means creating a relationship with the public thanks to digital technology. Content is essential! We are far from the commercial and business visions of marketing.

02'40 - Clémence Mayolle: we must define marketing strategies that serve culture, by getting them to marry around an artistic project that we don't master. That requires great flexibility and a certain amount of experience!

05'40 - KV: We are selling emotion! We must not reproduce what is done on a large scale. Marketing is not about overdose or intrusion: it's about the precise dosage of a worked content, creating exchange, a real relationship with the public. We can take the example of Disney, which manages to bring all generations together around an emotion.

08'30 - CM: We do a lot of work on the targeting strategy that accompanies each show: who are my potential spectators? Based on this study, we will draw from a toolbox, including Arenametrix, to reach the right audiences via the right channel.

11'50 - KV: The aim of this approach is that we will be able to plan different scenarios for filling a show - and know exactly how to react according to the events.

12'40 - CM: It takes time to learn and initialize, but it represents a consequent gain in efficiency for the following seasons.

13'50 - KV: Saving time also in the handling of tools: thanks to innovative tools, you can do away with Excel lists and time-consuming manipulations.

15'50 - CM: It is important to respect the "life cycle" of the spectator: acquisition, loyalty or retention.

20'30 - CM & KV : focus on data collection. Problem of ticket resellers (Fnac, billetreduc...) who keep the data. Increasing the share of direct sales is key for medium sized theatres: allows long term loyalty.

25'40 - CM : focus on pixels, tools that allow to retarget visitors without having their email address. We can manage the "marketing pressure" so as not to be oppressive.

36'50 - Attracting new audiences: typology according to age categories. Building audience loyalty through targeting; what about the different public tariffs?

27'40 - KV : comparison leaflets / marketing actions, diversification of communication actions with traceability.

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