zoom digital podcast 4

The Digital Transformation in Music | Digital Zoom - Podcast #4

zoom digital podcast 4

On November 20, 2018 at the Trabendo, from 14h to 21h the Music Society Lab took place, an event organized by us and dedicated to the structures of music. The ambition was to bring together a community of enthusiasts to build together the future of the music industry and to train participants in data analysis, segmentation and customization of messages to improve the experience of audiences.

As part of this event, Fabrice Jallet, coordinator of IRMA's Music and Innovation cluster (cbetween Information and Resources for Current Music) tells us about the digital transformation and its evolution in the music industry.

You can listen to the podcast of this discussion on Spotify, Deezer, Apple and Google Podcast, which is summarised below.

2'17 - Data: the link between music and innovation.

IRMA, an information centre dedicated to music professionals, concentrates its data in its contact database, made available through various tools:

- The L'Officiel de la Musique directory guide: it brings together all the players in the musical world, professionals, amateurs and partners.

- Le Fair: a career support and professionalization scheme for contemporary music.

- IrmaWork : employment and internship platform.

These tools reference different professions dedicated to information, operating on the entire musical ecosystem. This represents 50,000 contacts, 25,000 activities, spread over approximately 90 professions (artists, festivals, consultants, labels, distribution, ticketing, etc.). This database brings together the music professions and the innovative solutions related to this sector, and fully reflects the current landscape.

The Innovation cluster, for its part, has focused on music start-ups: defining what a startup is and creating a panel from which we can observe the evolution of these start-ups. The data is continuously updated over the years. 

The Innovation Cluster is also interested in the support systems for these start-ups. Files have been created to list these schemes. Finally, in-depth articles are proposed by IRMA to understand the ecosystem and its actors.

6'21 - IRMA survey on start-ups.

- In 2017, 334 start-ups were operating in the music sector, a growth of more than 33% in the space of a year. The categories that have grown the most are marketplaces and social media.
- In 2018, the whole ecosystem has moved, all the professions are constantly evolving: communication, creation, performance, technical or even applications.
- This survey also shows that many are proposing innovative solutions without necessarily knowing the profession: 53% of the founders of these start-ups have never had any experience in the music and events sector.

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10'17 - The live show and its evolution.
Many solutions have emerged, including augmented show solutions, such as headphones with modulator to adjust the sound in your ears. The visuals have also evolved. Mapping companies, such as Minuit Une and Digital Essence, have been created in order to offer sound and visual immersion, and to facilitate the work of the organisers.
Ticketing has also developed: we can see the return of the concierge service, which offers additional services such as transport or accommodation.
All these mutations bring a multitude of additional data. By exploiting them, the structures can better know the behaviour of their customers.

13'56 - Digital solutions dedicated to musical events: data wells.
- Cashless
solutions - Eye tracking to think about the festival-goers
' route - Solutions for fluidizing waiting
lines - Solutions for managing stocks in bars.
- Chatbot for event recommendation.

In addition, diaries, media, mobile applications and ticketing are all ways to communicate and promote your event.
All these means of promotion can also be used to capture data for understand and analyse customer flows and behaviours.
From networking to management and organization to performance, there are many ways to collect data and support music structures and professionals.

20'36 - Transition of start-ups: decline, buyout or rise?
After 8 years, companies supported by Irma are no longer considered as "start-ups": what future?

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