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Initiating the digital transformation of a sports federation

Initiating the digital transformation of a sports federation

The global Covid 19 pandemic has been an accelerator for the digital transformation of sports organisations. Deprived of direct contact with their licensees and fans, they had to reinvent themselves to maintain the link with them.

This highlighted the need to know its contact database and to equip itself with tools to engage it. Arenametrix supported the French Sports for All Federation in its digital transformation project. The analysis of the federation's needs and strengths led initially to the implementation of a CDP to centralise the contact database and to be able to send personalised communications.

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The French Federation of Sports for All is a multi-sports leisure federation. It offers a choice of physical and sporting activities adapted to all ages and all publics. 

Founded in 1967, it has nearly 180,000 members and 2,700 affiliated sports associations throughout France.


The number of workshops held to redefine the federation's mission and then design its digital strategy.

Olivier Spaeth

Olivier Spaeth

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