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5 ways to use marketing automation to optimize your communication

5 ways to use marketing automation to optimize your communication

Marketing automation refers to the ability to automate your marketing actions and engagement processes with your audiences. Marketing automation and its practices allow you to save a lot of time while keeping the ability to personalize your communication. Establishing a marketing automation strategy is therefore essential for marketers. In our article we propose you to discover 5 concrete ways to use marketing automation to address your audiences and better engage them.

1 - Welcome emails, the first contact point

When a contact enters your database via one of your acquisition sources (contests, newsletters, creation of a personal account...), you have the opportunity to initiate the conversation with them by sending them a welcome e-mail. This step should not be underestimated, it is your first contact with your audience. These emails will improve the deliverability of your future communications and the commitment of your contacts.

According to the study by 
GetResponse E-mail Benchmarks welcome emails can achieve up to 80% openening rate and 20% click-through rate. These impressive results show that it is at this first stage that your contacts give their full attention.

Gemma Seager Team Leader, E-mail & Instant Notifications at Submission Technology, tells us about her experience: "We have found that if we send a nice welcome email with a strong, clearly understandable message, the newsletters that follow are much more likely to be read. We also use welcome emails as a benchmark to measure the level of engagement of the traffic ».

Welcome emails can go far beyond the simple thank you sent at the creation of the account. They allow your organization to present its history, its values, or even its offers and upcoming events. Other types of emails are also well suited to the automation exercise. This is globally the case of all service emails, informing your contacts of various practical elements related to their purchases and subscriptions.

The example of Culturespaces

culturespaces user testimonial
Culturespaces E-mailing Automation Strategy

Let's take the example of Culturespaces. In their case, they used to send manually every month emails informing contact whose Privilege Pass are about to expire and offering to re-subscribe. Which necessarily wasted time and energy. Marketing automation provides them with considerable support.

To learn more about the rules related to the differences between OPT-IN and OPT-OUT in the context of e-mail communication, we recommend our article on the subject.

2 - Remarketing, a must

Remarketing campaigns are popular because they are cost effective. Your budget is optimized and is only used to target users who have already interacted with your organization and its content. For example, you can design communication campaigns on Facebook based on the data and performances of your last e-mail campaigns, collected by your CDM analysis tool.

Remarketing allows you to imagine marketing operations using all the information you have gathered on your contacts. You can thus choose to send your communications according to the level of engagement of your contacts, their participation in activities (concerts, exhibitions...) of your choice, their interests, or the purchases they have already made on your online store. Whatever your ideas are, marketing automation can help you realize them.

3 - Personalized content, the key to making your KPIs soar

Marketing automation allows you to easily profile your audiences. You can then divide your contact base into highly qualified segments to send them personalized communications and achieve better engagement and sales results.

To deliver the most personalized content possible, you'll need to collect as much data as possible about your audiences. For example, you can ask your contacts to specify their interests in the registration forms of your landing pages. You will then automatically segment them on the basis of the criteria chosen beforehand.

As soon as a new entrant matching the defined criteria enters your database, the marketing automation scenario that you have configured runs. The process runs without interruption and no further action is required.

The example of the GENEVA MARATHON

Oc Sport Marathon de Geneve
Segmentation Strategy by OC Sport

The data of the participants of OC Sport - Harmony Geneva Marathon was stored in the booking management tool. Analyzing this data and cross-referencing it between events was laborious. Automatic segmentation allows them to reach up to 83% of opening rate to their information emails.

4 - Dynamic content, for advanced personalization

Personalizing the content of your communications will have a positive impact on your contacts. And it makes sense! Your audiences want to develop a true personal, emotional, and exclusive connection with you. To personalize your communications, you will need to use dynamic content. There are two types of dynamic content:

The substitution of variables allows you to use several versions of the same variable. For example, the variable ''first name'' will allow you to greet your contacts individually by their first name. We can also imagine including their company, their function or their address.

Content insertion offers more possibilities. It allows you to insert entire pieces of content (sentences, paragraphs, or even images) in response to the data you've collected about your audience. For example, adding a whole section to your newsletter promoting your upcoming event to people who attended the last one.

5 - Scoring, the first step towards automated prospecting

Assigning a score to each of your contacts allows you to measure their conversion potential individually. This conversion potential will depend on the various information that the contact has transmitted about him, his behaviour and his interactions on your site and your e-mailing communications.

This score ultimately allows your sales and marketing teams to work together more effectively. The marketing team will have the task of raising the conversion score of your contact base as much as possible, and the sales team will be able to estimate the difficulty of approaching a particular prospect.

Several scoring approaches are possible. In our article on how to market tickets while having reduced gauge restrictions we proposed the CLV score (Customer Lifetime Value). We also talk about segmentation FRM (Frequency, Recency, Amount). These scores provide a complete profile of your structure's buyers, whether in ticketing, merchandising or cashless.

Sport fan supporter

Nevertheless, you can stay on a purely behavioral track. To begin with, you must determine the value (number of points) to be attributed to the behaviors that your prospects perform online. For example, if a prospect visits your subscription page, this action will be worth more points (10 points) than if he had stopped at your home page (3 points). As soon as your lead's score exceeds the desired threshold, you can pass this lead on to your sales team.

Thanks to marketing automation, this calculation is done directly without any intervention on your part, and the contacts are directly handed over to your sales team once their score is high enough.

Marketing automation is within your reach! To help you, you can contact our support team, or consult our dedicated training.

This article is adapted from the Moderator's Blog article: 5 ways marketing automation can help you better reach your customers and prospects

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