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Museums: Encourage people to renew their Museum Pass subscription

Encouraging people to renew their museum pass subscription

Are you in charge of communication or audience development? You need to set up marketing automation techniques. In the broadest sense of the term, it refers to the automation of marketing campaigns triggered by a set of predefined conditions and according to user behaviour. 

Take Culturespaces, for example. In their case, the sending of emails informing of the end of validity of their Privilege Pass and offering to re-subscribe was managed manually each month... This necessarily meant a waste of time and energy. It is in this context that they turned to Arenametrix to define an optimal marketing automation strategy to re-engage their subscribers.

"The implementation of the marketing automation scenario is a real time saver. "says Julia Da Costa: in charge of digital communication and fidélisation for Culturespaces. She also explains that she still has several projects to carry out internally: "With the Maillol Museum and the Atelier des Lumières, we would like to set up an automatic email after buying a ticket that would present the place and explain how to prepare for the visit beforehand. »

For more information, you can read Julia's complete testimony. She gives a detailed account of her collaboration with Arenametrix.


culturespaces user testimonial

CulturespacesThe company, created in 1990 by Bruno Monnier, is the first private operator in the complete management of monuments, museums and art centres. Culturespaces has also become a pioneer in the creation of digital art centres and immersive digital exhibitions.

Improved overall audience experience

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