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Équinoxe & Arenametrix : Containment Testimonials

Équinoxe & Arenametrix: containment interview

Équinoxe is the National Stage of Châteauroux. This performance hall programmes all kinds of theatre, dance and also "Arts de la Piste".

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Equinox National Scene

"Wherever we are, all our teams can connect to Arenametrix to check our stats, especially since we didn't have access to our remote ticketing software. »

Julie Bonnet-Roger

Communications Director

How did Equinoxe, National Scene, get through this period of confinement?

  • [00:00] Presentation
  • [00:29] What has changed since March 16th?
  • [01:04] What are the actions taken to maintain proximity with your audiences?
  • [02:30] How did Arenametrix help you through this period?
  • [03:26] A tip/state of mind to share with other cultural structures?

Thanks to Julie Bonnet-Roger, Director of Communications at Agec Équinoxe; as well as Maud Belsoeur, Communications Officer at Équinoxe Scène Nationale and Cinéma l'Apollo.

Find another user testimonial during containment here : Marsatac & Arenametrix: Containment testimony

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