Visitor experience and attendance

Visitor experience and attendance: take control with your data

Visitor experience

Whether you're a museum, concert hall, theatre or auditorium, you all have an indispensable resource for enhancing the visitor experience. The proper management of this data, thanks to a customer data centralization tool, will allow you to have an in-depth knowledge of your customers. But why is this an opportunity to be seized?

Data collection is essential in building a relevant database to retain visitors through marketing and toacquire new customers by identifying "statistical twins" of your existing audiences. This database is made up of customers' contact details, past purchases, consumption habits, demographic information, etc. This information can come from various sources, such as web ticketing, an online shop, social media, newsletters or customer studies. The next step is to transform this data into usable information.

1/ Before the event: put the visitor in the best conditions and smooth your attendance

This work will improve the visitor experience before the event. Indeed, it will then be possible to personalize and target your communication actions thanks to the analysis and segmentation of the public. This will allow you to arouse the visitor's curiosity and engage him/her even before the start of the event. 

It will also be possible to provide the visitor with practical information so that he can plan his arrival with peace of mind. Indeed, the data also ensures better management of waiting time and attendance and thus optimal organization of visitor flows in real time. A solution for this already exists. Affluences makes it possible to measure, control and communicate your attendance in real time via its application, on the website, or other digital medium of the place. The public is informed of the number of visitors to the site and can plan and book their visit according to their preferences and the information communicated on the mobile application such as schedules, services offered, access conditions or location. During his visit, the visitor's waiting time will then be reduced. 

2/ During the event: visitor experience and organisation of your teams

It is essential to ensure that the customer is satisfied with his experience. Thus, during the event, Affluences enables venues to organize their teams as well as possible and thus improve the comfort of the reception for an optimized visitor experience. 

Data represent a second opportunity. Indeed, Cultural venues can propose adapted itineraries according to typical profiles, created in advance and according to the different constraints of the customers such as their taste and interest, the time they have available, etc. The aim is to personalise the experience, in particular through the use of multimedia tools such as audio guides or information terminals providing additional information.

3/ After the event: satisfaction and loyalty

In order to encourage the visitor to come back, it is essential to create a link between the visitor and the place. Satisfaction questionnaires are an effective way to improve the customer experience by learning about dissatisfaction and satisfaction factors, but also to show the visitor that their experience is central to the site's concerns and that they are listened to. You also have the opportunity to offer visitors similar events that might be of interest to them, using successful marketing strategies. To strengthen this link, some places are personalizing their communication more. This is the case of the City of Architecture which wishes to set up by the end of the summer, an email sending for the birthday of each of its visitors. 

Visitor experience and attendance
Sophia Baladi

Sophia Baladi

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Solène Jimenez

Would you like to carry out a data & CDP diagnosis of your organisation? Take advantage of 30 minutes of free consulting by reserving your slot.

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