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The 4 keys to fan relations

The 4 keys to fan relations

Leisure buying and consumption behaviours changed significantly in recent years. With less time available, volatility and diversification of activities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain customers. Knowing that it is 5 to 25X more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an actual one, retention practices are nevertheless fundamental in the economic model of a company. In sports, a loyalty strategy is based on a successful CRM strategy. Offering your fans content that will interest them. What's next? Contact points and content to keep the flame alive and make your fans your best ambassadors.

The loyalty programme is a very useful tool for retention, but it must be well thought. If you think about using it as an acquisition tool, you will most likely be disappointed with the results in terms of time and energy spent. If, on the other hand, you want to build a stronger relationship with your fans, to create an attachment to your brand and a strong emotional bond, you are in the right place. Instead of devaluing your offer with discounts, you can emphasise on the community and shared experience money can't buy, as the ASM does with its FAN ASM card. Turning fans into ambassadors for your club will allow you to benefit from the word-of-mouth and micro-influence of each of them.

To find out more about the loyalty programme :

Your fans are all over the world. Those who live far away from your venue need to get even closer to their favourite team to bridge the distance. We have seen recent initiatives to create double ticketing, such as AC Milan with a charity event to fill a digital stadium for the Milan derby. In addition to borderless ticketing, digital tools are now helping us to provide fans with exclusive content, create a strong identity link or bring them together in virtual rooms. Merchandising, sponsorship or content monetization then turn these touch points into revenue.

Since last July, three elected Chelsea FC fans have been attending the club's board meetings. Their role is to ensure that the fans' opinions are taken into account in the life of the club. This empowerment of the fan in the relationship with their favourite club is a positive trend. It allows us to activate a customer-oriented approach and to really meet their expectations in terms of relationships and products. Without going as far as the board of directors, round tables, questionnaires and surveys are a good start to take into account the opinion of your communities.

80% opening rate, that's a dream, isn't it? That's an average for this special contact point between you and your fans. Birthdays are a special moment. Sharing these moments of life will reinforce the feeling of belonging to your community. This email opens the door to privileged content, delivered by the fan's favourite player (if you have a good CRM). Here are some ideas to take it a step further (with visual examples)...

The key notions of relational and transactional development today are: acquisition and retention. These actions are complementary and are based on a precise knowledge of your contacts  thanks to CRM . Entering into a loyalty approach is essential to : 

  • Strengthen the relationship with your "best" fans and turn them into ambassadors
  • Keep in touch with your fans, even those who are far away
  • Converting contact points by marketing appropriate offers
  • Monetize your contact points in sponsoring

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