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Federations: Setting up a CDM project in a federation

Setting up a project CDP in a federation

Are you responsible for communication and audience development? Do you manage several sources of data and have your data flows scattered in several tools? Would you like to use just one to centralise all your contacts to ensure better compliance with GDPR ? Better meet the expectations of your audiences and partners?

This was also the case for the French Handball Federation which has set up a project CDP in their federation, and which now trusts the CDP Arénametrix !

Discover the testimony of Romain Petiteau, Digital Communication Manager for the French Handball Federation.

" Thanks to Arenametrix, we have simplified all our processes. The automation of certain flows has allowed us to save time and to be more efficient in our relationship with our licensees," says Romain Petiteau. [Access the certified testimonial].


ffhb user testimonial

The French Handball Federationt is a French association law of 1901 founded on September 1, 1941. It is the governing body of handball in France with delegation from the International Handball Federation (IHF) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.


CDP installed

Dozens of simplified processes!

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Alexis Riotteau

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