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Festival: how to make a success of your emailing campaign thanks to CDM?

festival : how to make a success of your emailing campaign thanks to CDM ?

Nowadays, many event organisations such as festivals promote their events via email campaigns. But often, these are not very effective because the emails are sent massively.
The question is to know how a CDM can help you improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. How to make your email campaign successful thanks to CDM ? 

The benefits of CDM :
- A CDM(Customer Relationship Management) system allows you to centralize all your audience data on a single platform.

- You can then segment your database very easily according to socio-demographic, consumption and web behaviour criteria. 

- Then send an ultra-personalized email to the different targets created: the right message, at the right time, to the right person!

The CDM website allows you to get to know your audience better and tomaintain a personalized relationship with them before, during and after your event!

Discover Ludovic Rambaud's testimonial, assistant manager for the Family Piknik festival.
As a user of CDM Arenametrix, Ludovic was able to deploy his email campaign efficiently!

Family Piknik Festival

Family PiknikThe "Electronic Music" program, launched in 2012, brings together nearly 20,000 people each year to enjoy programming centred on electronic music.

The festival has chosen CDM Arenametrix to send its
email campaigns, offering the right message, to the right person at the right time.

The average opening rate of its marketing campaigns has risen from 13% to 25%! 

Would you like to carry out a data & CDM diagnosis of your organisation? Take advantage of 30 minutes of free consulting by reserving your time.

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