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Festival: getting to know your audience better to boost the attendance of your event

Communicate the right message, to the right person, at the right time, through the right communication channel.


Getting toknow your festival-goers and engaging them is a complicated task for many festivals.
Today, communication is one of the key elements to reach your festival-goers. It's important to understand who they are and what their expectations are.

Indeed, it is difficult every year to have the same attendance at its festival. This is why the organizers redouble their efforts to reach as many people as possible.
Often, the setting up of campaigns is not very effective due to mass communication. It is therefore necessary to know the preferences of festival-goers among a large programme in order to put forward the right events, at the right time, to the right audiences. 

"Thanks to Arenametrix, I am getting to know my audiences better. The analysis of the links clicked on the newsletters allows me to establish a typology of audiences according to their interests. »
Marion VIOLA, Communication and Marketing Manager at Cap Digital. 

Before Arenametrix, FUTUR.E.S did not have a tool to know its audiences, but that was before!
Discover the testimony of Cap Digital and its festival ". FUTUR.E.S ». It's a free festival, with a ticketingwhich will take place on June 13th and 14th at the Galerie des Gobelins. Conferences, parties, workshops, general public, professional public: FUTUR.E.S is a multi-format, multi-sector and multi-theme event .

Discover Marion VIOLA's testimony below!

future.e.s cap digital

For the last 10 years, Futur.e.s is a festival imagined by and for those who make the world of innovation move. After a decade of pioneering emerging innovation, the festival confirms more than ever its place as a pioneer and a pillar of the digital and digital ecosystem.

"Arenametrix is a useful CRM both for managing relations with the public and also for sponsors! We are able to provide them with very accurate socio-demographic reports of the audiences. »

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