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Festivals: Achieve record conversion rate through relevant segmentation

Achieve a record conversion rate through relevant segmentation

Communication managers, or those in charge of developing your audiences, you spend days communicating with your audiences... and have in mind the importance of the conversion rate in order to increase your results. Arenametrix can show you its expertise.

We're back for you on the Marsatac case. To get festival-goers on their feet as soon as the ticket office opens and to reward the fidélité of aficionados, Marsatac has launched the "Blind Pass" operation. Blind Passes are attractively priced tickets that festival-goers buy "blind", without knowing the program.

"It' s all gone, even faster than last year ! "informs Laurence Chansigaud, Marsatac's Communication & Partnership Director. The festival has indeed turned to the teams ofArenametrix in order to establish a relevant segmentation strategy, which enabled them to achieve a record conversion rate.

Do not hesitate to consult Laurence's feedback on her collaboration with Arenamétrix to learn more.


marsatac user testimonymarsatac user testimony

Marsatac is a festival born of rap from Marseilles, which has gradually opened up to hip hop and electronic music. 35,000 festival-goers gather every year. 40 artists take place on the stages of the Parc Chanot during 2 days, then on the 3rd day the festival goers meet at the beach.

The number of passes purchased by 40 clickers in a few hours

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