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Festivals: Newsjacking, your new favourite communication tool.

The NEWSJACKING, Your new communication tool

Every day, the media puts forward new news items. Each of these news items is an opportunity for you to gain visibility by surfing on the current trend subjects of the moment. This technique of using the news and parodying it for the benefit of your event is called Newsjacking. To help you in your Newsjacking strategy, we offer you this short article, which will explain how to be punchy by linking the object of your communication to the news.

How to select the news to be diverted?

The criterion of recency is the first to be considered. News that is a few weeks or even months old will not produce any effect. On the other hand, using hot news, i.e. recent news, will make it easier for you to elicit reactions by exploiting trendy topics. 

The link between the subject of your communication and the news may be more or less easy to find. For example, you can do like Solidays and use the New Year to hijack the political agenda. Other times it's not so easy to find ways to hijack the news. In such cases, you can carry out a targeted watch and save in a folder the news you find interesting for your festival-goers. 

Solidays Newsjacking Festival
Communication Newsjacking of Solidays on the occasion of the new year. The festival ensures continuity with its parodic communication for 2019.

Your newsjacking strategy begins once your topic and communication objective have been defined. You should then ask yourself the following questions:

- What are the targets I wish to communicate with?

- What types of news I want to use to highlight my event (education, politics, miscellaneous)? This selection allows you to refine your monitoring.

Nevertheless, avoid the pitfall of the brand having an opinion about everything. The more you communicate using news, the less attention you will get from your target audience and potential journalists. Your newsjacking can also be considered opportunistic if the values of your festival do not correspond to the hijacked news. On this subject, the Earned Brand 2018 study by the Edelman Group encourages the various actors to be vigilant. It informs us that 65% of French consumers buy a brand according to its convictions and expect it to be committed to societal issues. The same percentage of French consumers (65%) is ready to boycott a brand according to the positions it takes. Nevertheless, humour can be a good way to divert the news without tiring your audience out too much. In this regard OASIS are the masters.

Oasis Newsjacking
Concert by Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Stade de France 1st Tweet on the occasion of the concert (182 RT and 90 FAV)

Why target your audience?

Knowing your target audience in advance allows you to :

- Consider the media with which you wish to be noticed.
- Refine your monitoring by proposing information that your audience will necessarily have been confronted with.

The age range of your target group determines which news you will divert. The 18-20 year olds are the population group that is most in contact with social media. The use of web media to transmit your information is therefore obvious. For older populations, you can turn to direct marketing tools (emailing, sms). To refine your targeting and get to know your audience better, you can use tools to centralise and manage your audience's data, as a CDP.

Also consider your time frame for publication. There is no point in proposing a hot news item if your audience will only be confronted with it a few weeks or months after it is published. The periodicity of the media in which you will be communicating therefore also conditions your monitoring. The instantaneous nature of social media has many advantages for your communication strategy.

What to do once the news has been selected?

Newsjacking communication

Once you have identified the news relevant to the information you wish to deliver, you must write your communication following this methodology:

1 - Presentation and introduction of current events.
2 - Then, introduction of your communication subject.
3 - Finally, presentation of the link between these two elements.

Newsjacking allows you to capture the attention of your audience. Also, once this starting point is set, you will be able to go into detail and develop your message. However, avoid writing too much. The more concise your diversion is, the more the overall impact of your communication will gain in intensity. Festivals and entertainment players have a natural affinity with newsjacking, whose primary goal is to grab the attention of your audiences by entertaining them. Do the same in your marketing !

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