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Festivals: how to turn your fan community into ambassadors I Digital Zoom - Podcast #5

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On November 20, 2018 at Trabendo was held the Music Society Lab, an event organized by Arenametrix and dedicated to the structures of music. The objective? To bring together a community of enthusiasts to share their experiences and look at the future of the sector.

As part of this event, Stephan Degos, Sales Director for Verve and Laurence Chansigaud, Director of Communications and Partnerships for the Marsatac Festival, discuss the following issue: how to activate its community of fans in order to turn them into ambassadors, an additional sales channel?

You can listen to the podcast of this exchange on Spotify, Deezer, Apple and Google Podcast. The topics covered are summarised below.

0'45 - Presentation of the Marsatac festival and the Verve platform

Marsatac is a festival born of rap from Marseilles, which has gradually opened up to
hip hop and electronic music. Every year, 35,000 festival-goers gather over 3 days.
40 artists take place on the 3 stages of the Parc Chanot and make 18-35 year olds dance.

Verve is the world leader in word-of-mouth marketing for ticket sales at Live Entertainment events.
The principle: work with events, convert fans of the event into ambassadors, and allow ambassadors to sell tickets to family and friends.
Verve works with 800 events worldwide and sells 800,000 tickets, mainly in the music, travel (spring break) and sports markets.
Arriving in France in 2017, Verve works with some twenty festivals including the Marseille Marsatac festival.

5'45 - Why did Marsatac & Verve collaborate?

In 2016, Marsatac changed its business model. The growing development of the festival has implied these changes:
- change of venue
- change of date
- change of ambition: the programme now includes headliners.
The issues of building loyalty and winning over new audiences then arose.

Reflections on audience loyalty and development
The typology of audiences remains more or less the same, however, a high renewal rate can be observed (60% last year). It is therefore necessary to renew communication and marketing actions every year. The key objective now is to remedy this loyalty problem.
Marsatac's image and notoriety are strong but despite the affection for the brand and the festival, the community was not committed. So Marsatac began working with Verve to remedy this. Also find out how to engage your community in times of containment.

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9'00 - Implementation of an ambassador program.

In 2017, the programme started on shaky foundations. The Verve site was in English, which is a problem in France. 2017 was the year of beta testing.

In 2018: the platform underwent many changes, including its translation into French and a major step forward in human support.
2018 is also the year of "education" to the solution: the concept was totally new, and often, in France, when a new concept arrives, the market is shy. Then, when the concept is adopted, the growth goes full speed ahead.

In 2019, the role of Verve was very important: the tool helped to structure related partnerships with student associations. Student associations are a very good relay for selling tickets to students at their universities.
The typical 'student office' associations change every year and the tool allows the link to be made from year to year, simplifying the relationship.

Ambassadors can also work on qualitative and quantitative studies. Thanks to the analysis of these studies, they can then work on the scenography and programming.

16'57 - Big Data

All the ambassadors are qualified, in the database, as well as the people who buy the tickets. This database belongs to the festival.

This is very convenient for sending targeted campaigns to ambassadors from the previous year or newly recruited ambassadors to reactivate the community.

You shouldn't set digital and physical againsteach other!
With the Verve Ambassadors programme, the welcome reserved for ambassadors is privileged on the festival site: creating a strong human relationship is essential!

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