sakifo use case

Festivals: one and the same database for your events.

Save time with a single database


Some event structures manage several festivals, in the same place, in the same city or in different cities. 

Reaching and attracting audiences can be a complicated task. Public officials or ticketing officers have several large databases, making it difficult to manage them.

Today, thanks to our solution CDM, it is now possible to merge several databases in order to cross-reference festival-goers ' data to better understand their behaviour and better communicate with them.

Discover the testimony of Vannessa Nore, in charge of ticketing for the festivals. Sakifo and Francofolies de la Réunion. 

With ArenametrixVanessa now has a single database of her events! This allows her to analyze the different profiles of the festival-goers and thus personalize her communication . The objective? Not to address in the same way people who have already come to previous editions, those who have never come, those who live far away, young people, families, etc..



sakifo use case

Sakifo is a Reunionese festival of varied music. With 15 editions, "sakifo" (in Creole) literally offers "what it takes" to the 25,000 music lovers from all over the Indian Ocean. A reference festival, it welcomes many artists, especially international ones.

Since 2017, the Francofolies are exported to Reunion Island to bring together more than 15,000 festival-goers. Produced 100% by Sakifo Production, the Francofolies de La Réunion are growing in importance while bringing together a very diverse audience.

The number of Sakifo and Francofolies de La Réunion contact sheets managed from a single platform.


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