Festival of Humanity Visitor Reviews

Festivals: Ask the festival-goers for their opinion!

Ask the festival-goers for their opinions! Towards a personalized spectator experience

The satisfaction survey seems to be one of the quickest and most effective ways to collect feedback from your festival-goers and thus ensure the consistency of your offer. The people surveyed have a positive perception of the organizations that ask for their opinion. However, a poorly thought-out survey can quickly become a burden for respondents. To help you with your feedback collection strategy,you can count on the expertise of the teamatArenametrix.

Here we offer you our cooperation with Humanity Day. As a consequence of the health crisis,the format of the Humanity Day 2021 needs to be adapted. Inorder to do so, the festival wishes to seek the advice of its active contact base. This heterogeneous base is made up of more than 70,000 contacts, some of whom are regulars, and some of whom are new to the public.

The challenge for the festival was to easily collect a maximum of feedback from its contacts, and gather them on a single platform. An important segmentation work was carried out to allow the festival to address its audience with a highly personalized feedback request. 

Maël le Gaillard, head of communication and ticketing, tells us what will become of this form: "It will be analyzed in order to provide a report of these results to our respondents. Secondly, suggestions that stand out from all the opinions collected will be noted in order to better organize the next edition. »

Discover now the work carried out around the communication strategy of the Humanity Festival.

Festival of Humanity Visitor Reviews

Since its inception in 1930, Humanity Day is a leading musical and political gathering in the French cultural landscape. The Grande Scène alone brings together some 100,000 festival-goers, and has seen names such as Pink Floyd, the Who, James Brown, Deep Purple, Johnny Hallyday, Jacques Brel and Leonard Cohen parade through its ranks... 

The percentage number of opinions collected via the form.

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