Arenametrix : Marketing Channels

Arenametrix natively integrates the best marketing channels on the market. Direct Marketing, Advertising or Lead Generation: communicate with your contacts and prospects at 360 degrees.

Google Advertising

Attract more audiences with the Arenametrix & Google Advertising connection. Generate more visits and sell more tickets!
Arenametrix marketing Google advertising

Your Google ads in a few clicks with Arenametrix & Kamp'n


Create your Google campaigns in a few clicks.


Segment visitors for personalized Google campaigns.


Analyze your best sent campaigns, whose statistics (opening rate, click rate...) are synchronized in Arenametrix.

Google Advertising: integration in Arenametrix
Partner Integration in the Marketing Module

More tools connected to Arenametrix :

Arenametrix Programmatic

You want to promote an event on external media? With the programmatic advertising proposed by Arenametrix, automate your advertising placements.

Arenametrix push notifications

Send push notifications with Arenametrix & Batch! Your iOS, Android or Web application is finally connected to your entire ecosystem CDP.

arenametrix email marketing channel

Send emails to your contacts natively in Arenametrix emailing. Analyze your best campaigns, synchronized in Arenametrix.