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Google's new tool for live events aims to change the ticketing system

Let's discover the possibilities offered by this tool!

Google's internal incubator, Area 120, yesterday launched DEMAND, a live entertainment tool that uses data to provide guidance on where artists should schedule their concerts and what the optimal ticket prices are.

Let's discover the possibilities offered by this tool!

The company is designed to help many players in the industry, including artists, managers, promoters, agents and sponsors, make decisions about their tours while reaching more fans.

DEMAND collects publicly available data from Google Trends and YouTube, as well as information from third parties such as Pollstar (a commercial publication for the concert industry), including LIVE! Conference launched the product in Beverly Hills. The service tracks fan support, ticket prices and demand for more than 19,000 artists.

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"The industry has changed today." said Tim Leiweke, Managing Director of Oak View Group, the parent company of Pollstar. "The launch of DEMAND gives industry insiders a better understanding of how an artist is positioned in the marketplace, provides new data on advertising and sponsorship, and is a predictor of tour success or failure.

One of its main functions for the music industry is to determine whether additional shows may be required in a market, based on initial demand and resale prices in secondary markets. It can also help a producer's team determine whether ticket prices need to be adjusted or whether increased marketing efforts are required.

DEMAND co-founder Nick Turner said that the secondary ticket market is worth between $10 and $15 billion a year overall, and that using DEMAND's data on price ranges and averages of prices in a market for comparable performances can ensure a greater flow of money to artists than to resellers.

Then he added: "This is the first opinion they ever had about the difficulties ahead of their show. We actually think this product acts as a great equalizer in the industry".

Parag Vaish, Managing Director and co-founder, added: "70% of the market is looking for tickets. This is a sector where the industry is not using data. This can have an impact on the entire ecosystem, especially in terms of ticket prices.

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