Arenametrix: Data Sources

Arenametrix recovers all contact data from various sources
(ticketing, website, access control systems, cashless, newsletter, satisfaction measurements, etc.).

1. Automatic daily centralization of data
2. Structuring, cleaning, deduplication and homogenization of data
3. Arenametrix provides you with a clean, updated and usable database


GuestViews The smart guestbook to understand and retain your visitors I The best customer listening solution for your physical location.

Integrate all your satisfaction data Guestviews


Arenametrix automatically retrieves in GuestViews the history of all the satisfaction data of your audiences and the data related to these individual and group reviews.


The daily feedback from the previous day's GuestViews data in Arenametrix is made up of automatically every night: no more Excel exports!


Arenametrix, the CDP platform, retrieves satisfaction data from GuestViews but also from Excel, Access and Filemaker files, website data, newsletter subscribers, competition competition data...

Automatic import of your data into Arenametrix 100%

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