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Places to visit: Setting up a CDM in a multi-activity establishment

Setting up a CDM in a multi-activity establishment

The tools CDM (Customer Relationship Management) tools allow you to exploit data on your visitors. These tools are becoming an essential element in the digitalization strategy of cultural spaces. Although initially a taboo subject within these structures, CDM has many advantages that facilitate the work of communication teams. To help you with your project CDM and its installation,you can count on the expertiseof theArenametrix.

We propose you here our collaboration with The Grande Halle de la Villette. Following an important development of the audiences since 2015 and the arrival of a new marketing and communication team, the latter wished to be equipped with new tools to best support them in the management of their various data sources. The challenge for the park was to get the right tool to help them centralize and sort their data, to better know their audiences and send them ultra-personalized communications. Its installation and handling had to be simple and fast.

Anne Courcon, communication and ticketing manager, explains her ambitions concerning Arenametrix: " We are at the beginning of our collaboration. We would like to set up monitoring tables soon in order to evaluate our performance thanks to this tool. We also need to progressively ensure that the rest of our teams are trained to use Arenametrix. »

Discover now the work done around the communication strategy of the Villette

La Villette CDM

The park of la Villette, located in the 19ᵉ arrondissement of Paris, the largest park in the capital, established on the site of the Villette slaughterhouses, which were built in 1867 by decision of Napoleon III and Prefect Haussmann, and destroyed in 1974.

The increase in the number of subscribers over 2017, i.e. 7100 subscribers

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